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ZGTEK, the only one in China capable of supplying hi-quality automatic ring making machines!
Jiaxing Zhe Gong CNC Welding Machine Co., Ltd. also known as ZGTEK Co., Ltd. is located in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, it's a partly state-owned enterprise. Currently the two focused areas of the company are filter cage welding machines and automatic wire ring making machines, the former is the traditional business of the company and the latter is the new market sector that the company has entered in recent years. Today the company's wire ring making machines are already of the 3rd generation featuring automatic size changing, custom welding parameters for different materials, etc. ZGTEK's ring making machines also cover a lot of applications, such as automotive parts, hardware rings, ornament and decoration rings, housewares, electric fan covers, flower baskets/wreath, lampshades, agricultural frames/tomato frames, etc.


After years of effort, ZGTEK is now the leading supplier of wire ring making machines of the world by providing a wide range of product portfolio from a simple machine to a fully automated one, with best-in-class flexibility, quality and cost-efficiency, resulted from our concentration and expertise in this area. As of end 2013, the company has 50 employees and covers a floor area of about 5000 square meters.


In China, we have more than 95% domestic market share. We also have a long customer/reference list in the world, have sold to more than 40 countries.

Main Products

ZGTEK has two categories of products, one is ring making machine, the other is filter cage welding machine. this website is specifically for introducing its ring making machines.

1. Round ring making machine (RM Series)

2. Oval ring making machine (OR Series)

3. Automatic ring making and welding machine (R Series)

Product History

  • 2011  -
  • Release of the first generation ring making and welding integrated machine R-6-400, it's the first of its kind in China. This innovative product has won the award from the Ministry of Science and Technologies of China.

  • 2012  -
  • To expand the company's product portfolio, more importantly to cater the needs of some customers who have a very limited budget, a simple ring making machine (Model RM-6-310) was released this year, this machine is not equipped with the welding unit.

  • 2013  -
  • The 2nd generation of automatic ring making and welding machine was unveiled with the model No. R-6-300. It's more powerful and much easier to operate.

  • 2013  -
  • In the same year, the E-series (economic version) automatic ring forming and welding machine was put to the market. This economic version is a perfect balance between efficiency and cost.

Why Choose Us

 Our Mission

At every corner of the globe, we help customers create value.

 Core Value


 Quality Policy

From day one of the company's operation, we put product quality as top priority, every machine has to be going through severe outgoing quality check before shipment. Today our machines are proven to feature high stability and reliability, the company has become a trustworthy supplier with the most complete product portfolio in ring making sector.

We believe in "concentration generates results, professionalism leads to quality, integrity forges our brand". Concentration, professionalism and integrity is the quality we value the most in our employees and in our daily operation, it's rooted in company ethic and has become part of company culture, it is the way we have served customers of today, so will it be the way we serve you in the future.