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We solely focus on wire ring welding technologies and have more than 95% of market share in China, we've also sold to more than 40 countries. Our experienced service engineers have travelled to many countries for technical support, our after-sales support is available 24/7, you never enjoy this kind of service anywhere else.


Customized voltage

All the ring making machines purchased from ZGTEK will be customized to the voltage in your country, this will save you the extra cost for transformers.


Customized ring sizes

If our standard ring machines can't fulfil your needs completely, tell us your ring sizes, we may customize a machine specifically for you!


Free Training

We offer free training at our factory to all customers, which covers the aspects such as software and hardware design, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.


Door-to-door Service

Technical personnel of ZGTEK can provide on-site support at your factory on request, at a reasonable cost. For some countries, we have long-term, multi-entry visas, with which we can response to your request very fast.


Quality Guarantee

All the machines will have at least one year quality guarantee, for the main parts such as controller and welding transformer, the guarantee is 3 years.


24/7 Support

Specific hotline, mobile and Skype account for after sales support, with employees can speak English, Spanish, Russian, etc. You never enjoy this kind of service anywhere else.


In-house parts

Aside from some standard parts, almost all the software and hardware parts are designed and/or manufactured in-house by ZGTEK, which ensures that we can provide one-stop service including quick problem analysis and replacement parts delivery.


Localized Service

To better serve our customers, we're recruiting agents/distributors in some regions! If you're interested, we also welcome you to be our long term partners!